Environment, Health & Safety

We have built a team of committed employees who share in our vision with a management system that enables us to continuously improve performance. 

"Our top priority everyday is the health and safety of our employees, near neighbors, the community and the environment."

Shawn Ward, Safety, Health & Environmental Manager

We continue to set goals for reducing waste, promoting energy conservation and minimizing emissions to the environment. The Cornerstone Fortier Facility has been recognized by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and other organizations for successfully meeting these goals.

Cornerstone also currently meets ISO 14001, RC14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and works to ensure conformity with systems designed to improve environmental stewardship within the facility and community. 

We have a strong program promoting safety awareness and training for all employees. We conduct frequent auditing of all plant areas and safety procedures, perform safety reviews for all new projects and implement uniform standards in all facility operations. 

Our safety program is based on employee involvement. This is exemplified by the Union - Management Safety Committee. In addition, the Cornerstone Employees Eliminating Exposures process, or CEEE for short, looks at all facets of the job where exposures exist, including our systems, work environment, facilities/equipment and workers. The goal of the process is to increase awareness and promote overall improvement in employee safety.

While we conduct operations everyday at the highest standards of safety, we are also prepared for emergencies at our facility. We have an on-site emergency response team comprised of firefighters, emergency responders and emergency medical technicians. The response team receives 48 hours of training each year and is on call 24 hours a day. In addition, Cornerstone participates in joint training programs with area fire and police departments and belongs to local mutual aid societies.

We have developed and trained a strong Emergency Response and Incident Management (ERIM) team to respond to incidents that might occur while transporting our products or materials throughout the United States and Canada. Team members are comprised of personnel who have specific product knowledge and include environmental engineers, safety professionals and transportation specialists.

Cornerstone also maintains regular communication with local, state and federal agencies with regard to emergency response training and shares its experiences and knowledge with these entities to support an industry culture of shared expertise.

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